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Habit Change


Our nutrition habits are formed at a young age and typically follow us through adulthood. Research has shown that HOW and WHAT we eat play a huge role in our overall health trends and quality of life. Despite this knowledge, the prevalence of diet-related chronic diseases in the US continues to increase each year. Why? Changing nutrition habits is NOT easy. If it were, we wouldn't have this problem!  


As a board certified health coach, I have studied and mastered the art of habit change and will help guide you in learning how to change your nutrition habits in a sustainable and enjoyable way, so that you can reduce your risk of adverse health outcomes and become your healthiest self.  


Physical activity has massive implications on both our physical and mental health. Yet according to a CDC report published in January 2022, one quarter of American adults are physically inactive. While there are a myriad of reasons for this, including a shift from active to more sedentary jobs compared to the 1950s, the risk of not moving proves grave danger to our well-being. 

I will help you discover new forms of movement and work with you to create a personalized routine that makes you feel good and energizes you, while also offering the support and accountability required to help you cement this new routine into your lifestyle. 


Our mindsets play a significant role in our health and life outcomes by determining the way we think, feel, and respond to certain life situations. Those with a negative or fixed mindset, are more likely to experience mental health problems and avoid challenges that could help them advance. By understanding and shifting our mindset to become more positive and growth-oriented, we have the ability to decrease stress, achieve goals, and live happier lives. 

I'll help you unleash your full potential by showing you how to identify the sabotaging thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back and provide you with tools and exercises to help you form new neural pathways for a healthy mind.



I founded Health Styles LLC to help people at risk for or diagnosed with diet-related chronic diseases, transform their relationship with food, exercise, and their minds so that they can live healthier and more fulfilled lives. My clients learn the power of positive thinking, how to eat a healthy diet, and what it takes to form lifestyle habits that are both realistic and sustainable long-term. 



1 on 1



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1 on 1

My experience with Tasha was supportive and beneficial, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. She listened, was patient, and played a vital role through my whole self-care journey. I had been going through serious challenges with my family, which took a toll on my personal health. I looked forward to the time she gave me to help me refocus, forgive myself, and become more confident in my health decisions. Ultimately Tasha has empowered me to learn her techniques. She lives what she teaches. My experience was truly transformational.

— Joanna Locke, 49

Salon Owner




Why Health Coaching Works

Living a healthy lifestyle is a choice, and not always easy one.


We are living in unprecedented times with mental health conditions rising, greater reliance on prescription medications, and a food environment that highlights convenience foods over those that nourish us. While many of us want to improve our health, it can be immensely hard to find success on our own. 


Health coaches seek to empower individuals with the confidence and tools they need to overcome these modern day obstacles and build new routines in support of their health!


Our approach is client-centered, where autonomy is placed on the client to come up with their own ideas and solutions, as opposed to a prescriptive approach, which emphasizes telling clients what to do. Research has shown that a client-centered approach is highly effective at generating lasting behavioral changes. 

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