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Introducing the


Exercise is a critical component of wellness.

The HealthStyles App makes fitness easy by taking away the stress of "not knowing what to do" in the gym and providing you with all the workouts and programs you need to reach your goals. Whether you are a beginner looking to increase your exposure to new exercises and build confidence in the gym, at the intermediate fitness level and want to gain more muscle, or someone looking for support and accountability to prevent disease and maintain a healthy lifestyle, there will be something for everyone in my app. The app is updated with fresh content frequently so you never get bored and your body is constantly challenged. 

There is a growing body of research that supports strength or resistance training as a critical component in disease and injury prevention as well as facilitator of improvements to quality of life. Building and maintaining lean muscle tissue supports better glucose control, bone health, weight management, mental health, heart health, and more! 

Train with Me! 

$14.99/month or $8.33/month for annual subscription


Access to a variety of workouts and structured programs catered to your individual fitness level and goal type 

Video demonstrations for each exercise, to show proper form

Direct messaging capability within app for questions or modification requests

Access to private support community via the Health Styles Community facebook group for inspiration, tips, and connection with other HealthStyles App subscribers on a similar wellness path

Pre- and Post- workout meal and recovery information

Cardio and Warm-up/Cool-down recommendations

FREE 7 day trial!


- Fred DeVito

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