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Embrace The SUCK

Our thought patterns, behaviors, and beliefs that make up the core of who we are today typically are formed and cemented in our early developmental years. Whether we are aware of it or not, they infiltrate every facet of our lives and dictate how we show up in the world and importantly, how we show up for ourselves.

Our relationships, our career, our dreams, our lifestyle, our health...every action and inaction...are ALL influenced by our core beliefs. If you are here, you've probably gotten to a point in your adulthood where you have started to question whether these old patterns are still actually serving you. You are starting to ask...WHY? And this, my friends, is an ultra powerful question.

The good news is, you aren't alone! Many people in their adulthood who have awoken to the idea that things could look different in their lives are on the verge of something really special...the realization that Change IS Possible, or at least might be. The reality is that change CAN happen but not without a serious dedication, relentless commitment, and un-forfeiting embrace of The SUCK.

What's The SUCK you say? Well, technically this phrase has been utilized in the military over the last century to highlight and acknowledge the incredible challenges that soldiers face and must move through, rather than avoid. The SUCK is the reality check that we didn't want, but really need. It recognizes that change is hard and often will be very uncomfortable, even squirmish, at times. When taken out of the military context and applied to our normal lives, it's also an understanding that change is a process and doesn't happen overnight. For example: If you are someone who is trying to lose weight…one day you might be celebrating a 5 pound loss on the scale and on cloud 9 and the next, you might be inhaling pizza and breadsticks wondering how you even got here in the first place. However, with a firm embrace of the SUCK, you will know that this is all part of the journey and there's no chance of failure as long as you keep trying.

The SUCK is your guiding light and illuminates the path to help you keep going, even in your darkest moments. It's an opportunity to lean into your vulnerability like never before and see what you are truly made of, when everything is unraveling around you. Yes, it’s scary and yes, it's worth it. Progress won’t always be crystal clear, yet you know that what's waiting for you at the end of the road is unlike anything you've ever experienced before -- and that excites you.

It's freedom from the thoughts that once imprisoned you and held you back from your full potential. It's a body you've dreamt of your whole life and never thought would be possible for you to achieve. It's a career that aligns with your true passion and interests. It’s a relationship that fulfills you, makes you feel cherished, and adds insurmountable value to your life. It's a lifestyle that's healthy and full of adventure. It's the ability to run and play with your kids while creating lasting memories with those who mean the most to you. It's whatever you'll give yourself permission to dream of!

Embracing The SUCK may seem daunting…which is why you don't have to do it alone.

Research shows that health coaches play a pivotal role in helping people facilitate lasting changes in their lives. Have you ever felt frustrated by the fact that you KNOW a lot about what makes a healthy diet, what workouts will make you strong, or what skills you need to adopt in order to reach your goals…yet you can never seem to translate this knowledge into ACTION? Or you have made some efforts to improve but they never end up lasting long-term?

Our default is to fall back into these old patterns because our brains are literally HARD-WIRED to choose what's familiar and what's comfortable. We don't fail to change because of a lack of willpower or laziness…we fail because what we are up against is a pretty gnarly BEAST. Fighting this beast alone is really admirable and also makes it harder to succeed.

Having a coach is sort of like having a second pair of eyes as you embark on an epic hike of a lifetime. We don't tell you what to pack or where you should go on the map, as that's entirely up to you. We DO help you see rocks ahead in your path and learn how to steer around them, highlight the resources you have in your bag to pull from, and help make things more clear when your vision is clouded.

It can be hard to take the steps required of us, in order to become the next best version of ourselves. Our fear of taking the first step can feel crippling, overwhelming and anxiety-inducing… making us think that we aren't actually capable of change and would be better off settling. Coaches know this is the BEAST we are up against and because we know this, we have developed masterful skills to help you see that achieving your dreams is entirely possible. We do this by applying curiosity over judgement, a warm spirit of compassion, and unconditional positive regard as you take each step towards becoming your dream you.

If you are catching yourself asking WHY more often lately and are wondering how or who can help you get rid of this nagging tapping sound on your inner door (conscience), so you can live freely and in alignment with your dreams…I invite you to come try coaching with me.

Remember, the path to achieving your dreams IS possible and won't be easy. Embrace the SUCK, lean into discomfort, and the growth you experience WILL be worth it.

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